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This extention makes it possible to show related products as a module in the left or right column or in the top or bottom of your product pages.

It supports multilanguage.

You can choose the 4 templates that are part of the opencart core these are the special/bestseller/featured/latest, to get an idea of what is possible with this approach look at the screenshots below in the images tab.

In the admin you can also:
1) Disable the related products tab.
2) Choose to overide the default related products behaviour wich is that if you add product B as a related product to product A two rows are created in the database the second row makes product A a related product of product B, the overide lets you handpick them all.
3) If you install my free random specials or random bestsellers extentions you can randomly show 1 or more of the assigned related products
4) Choose multilang display text for the module.

demo frontend settings, randomly show 1 of 3 in left column - tab disabled - overide default behaviour - specials template ... t-test-123

demo admin => user: demo => pass: demo ... le/related ... on_id=4198

Regards Werner

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Thu Oct 27, 2011 9:48 pm
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Post by wernerrenrew » Tue Dec 13, 2011 11:10 pm


This extention will handle the related products, related products tab that that is part of the opencart core.
Related products are based on products not categories.
I don't want to choose each product by hand (who has time for that???)...
Someone who has products that match by color or could suplement each other.....

What you want is automated bestsellers | popular | specials | featured products of one or more categories, i will make this extention because i think this will be usefull.

settings will be:

get bestsellers true/false
get specials true/false
get popular true/false
get latest true/false

Show the all in one module or perhaps one randomly from lets say one of each

Choose one of the four templates that are part of the opencart core and thus should be part of your template.

Choose a layout

Choose position content top | content bottom | column left | column right

categories choose categories to fetch from

how many to fetch from the selected
how many to show from each selected
how many to show total will overide the previous setting

Randomize end result or not

Image dimentions

it will have multilanguage support for the title
it will be modular meaning you can create a different one for each layout/category or whatever page

Will be released today if it is released i will update the post with the demo

demo backend
username: demo
password: demo ... p_products

demo frontend uniek layout for this product ... t-test-123

demo frontend all other product pages ... od_classic

extention page ... on_id=4289

Regards Werner

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Thu Oct 27, 2011 9:48 pm
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