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Pixel google adsense module

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2011 10:07 pm
by pixel
Pixel google adsense module

Google adsense advertisement is the best way for any person to earn money, sometimes can be annoying for your clients.
That's why adsense pixel modules is a good option, the client can hide ads, ass long is browsing your shop.

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demo: 1.5/

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Upload to Server

Copy the contents of the "upload" folder to your store's top level directory,
preserving the directory structure. This will not overwrite anything as they are all new files.

Step 2: Install Module

Log in to your store's administration and, from the menu, select "Extensions->Modules",
then click the "Install" link in the "Action" column for the "Pixel adsense module" module.
You may then edit the module to enable it and set it's position and sort order.

For this use Google adsense Leaderboard (728 x 90) format.