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[RELEASED] Advances Categories Module v.1.1

Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2011 7:09 am
by webmix
Advances Categories v.1.1

You can get it from ... on_id=1798

The mod is available for OpenCart versions from 1.4.9 - 1.4.9.x


1) Front block name settings in admin panel.

2) Positions: Home, Left, Right.

3) Subcategories settings (show/hide).

4) Categories images settings (show/hide).

5) Categories images size settings (max.width / max height).

6) 3 languages (english, russian, ukrainian).

7) Module can work together with Category module.

8) Category images are clickable.

9) Categories columns amount settings (from 1 to 5 columns).

Further help and customized versions

This module has been successfully tested for a standard OpenCart 1.4.9 - 1.4.9.x.
Don't use other Opencart versions with this module.

If you need a customized version of this module or other modules/features,
let us know and we can create one for a charge.

You can contact us at

Dmitriy Proshin - WEBMIX.INFO
ICQ: 123870661

Re: [RELEASED] Advances Categories Module v.1.0

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 11:19 am
by webmix
New Advances Categories v.1.1 published!
v.1.1 changes are:
- Category images are clickable now.
- You can set categories columns amount (from 1 to 5 columns).
- Some changes in categories displaying.