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Re: [UPDATED] MailChimp Integration

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2018 2:25 am
by Johnathan
Updated to v302.6

v302.5 was skipped to maintain matching version numbers with MailChimp Integration Pro

Release Notes:
- NOTE: If you've manually added code to any other file to hook it into the MailChimp Integration, you'll need to update that code due to the registry changes in this version. Check the instructions.txt file for the new code.

- Added: support for Journal 3's newsletter module

- Fixed: "Undefined variable: zone" error
- Fixed: customer auto-creation wasn't working OpenCart 3 due to a removed column from the "customer" database table

- Updated: MailChimp Integration library loading now uses the full registry
- Updated: made some small changes to improve admin panel loading speed
- Updated: the API Key is now requested before setting up the extension, so reloading the admin page is not required by the user

Re: [UPDATED] MailChimp Integration

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 4:46 am
by Johnathan
Updated to v303.1

Release Notes:

- NOTE: The 1.5.x version is now feature-comparable with the 2.x/3.x version. The extension uses a vQmod file to accomplish this, which has been tested but might have some issues in the initial version. If you're using OpenCart 1.5.x and have any trouble with it, please contact Clear Thinking.

- Added: full compatibility with OpenCart 1.5.x again
- Added: "Akamai" errors are now displayed in the Testing Mode log, along with the reference number you can send to MailChimp if you get this error
- Added: ability to use [firstname] and [lastname] shortcodes in the e-mail sent to auto-created customers with their password

- Confirmed: compatibility with OpenCart 3.0.3.x

- Fixed: webhooks were not generating correctly from the last update

- Updated: Testing Mode now has a button to download the log when over 1 MB
- Updated: Testing Mode log is now cleared automatically when over 50 MB
- Updated: Journal 3 code for subscribing newsletter guests during checkout
- Updated: improved some speed on the manual subscriber sync button when the OpenCart store has a large customer database

Re: [UPDATED] MailChimp Integration

Posted: Thu Dec 19, 2019 1:34 am
by Johnathan
Updated to v303.2

Release Notes:

- Added: option to delay the pop-up from triggering
- Added: option to show an "X" in the pop-up to close it

- Fixed: "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" error related to merge tags
- Fixed: issues with syncing "Address" type merge fields when not all the address information was filled in

- Updated: moved the pop-up box higher on the page for mobile devices
- Updated: removed "update_existing" parameter for now
- Updated: removed Pro-specific code that was unnecessary

Re: [UPDATED] MailChimp Integration

Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2020 4:10 am
by Johnathan
Updated to v303.3

Release Notes:

- Added: ability to choose the length of the cookie that controls the pop-up

- Fixed: empty postcodes weren't being sent as 00000 in the last update
- Fixed: pop-up delay setting wasn't working

- Updated: 1.5.x compatibility file with some minor fixes
- Updated: various text changes to match new MailChimp names ("Merge Tags" changed to "Merge Fields", "List Settings" to "List/Audience Settings")

Re: [UPDATED] MailChimp Integration

Posted: Wed Feb 10, 2021 6:08 am
by Johnathan
Updated to v303.4

Release Notes:

- Added: support for manual syncing and the "Unsubscribe" webhook for the Journal newsletter database table

- Fixed: "Illegal string offset" errors related to subscribers not having an address in MailChimp when "Profile Update" webhooks are enabled

- Updated: only enabled customers are now synced when manually syncing
- Updated: MC_LANGUAGE flag is now set when manually syncing subscribers (only for OpenCart 2.3+ because older versions don't store the language_id)