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Personal Customer Discounts / Special Prices

Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2018 10:57 pm
by D3MO
Who do not loves to pay less??? Yes NOBODY:) We all do love discounts, we all awaiting for special prices, and trying to get the items on a special dates cheaper. So not exception is also your store customers, the ones also like discounts:)

At the moment you can set special prices to all users at once. or make a discount quantity, but lets face it for some clients (wholesalers maybe) we want to give bigger / smaller discounts.

So this module will allow you to create individual personalized discount rates for your customers and greatly increace or build customer loyalty by offering Individual / personal discount rate for their future purchases!

Or you can make a special promotions for users to register and get personal 1 months discount rate. Or buy up to X sum and get personal discount rate based on their money spent on your website. The usage is limitless:)

This is a must to have module for stores who do care about their customer loyalty and want to keep them happy:)

Module link: ... n_id=33347