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Updated to v303.2

Release Notes:

- Added: option to delay the pop-up from triggering
- Added: option to show an "X" in the pop-up to close it
- Added: ability to send a product category for the MailChimp "vendor" field for a product, instead of the manufacturer (which is how it worked before)
- Added: support for auto-converting OpenCart "Date" type fields to the appropriate format for MailChimp "Birthday" type fields (which is MM/DD)

- Fixed: "Invalid argument supplied for foreach()" error related to merge tags
- Fixed: issues with syncing "Address" type merge fields when not all the address information was filled in
- Fixed: using the "%" character in the Interest Group routes wasn't working
- Fixed: order amounts sent to MailChimp sometimes were not rounded due to float precision errors
- Fixed: error message when Interest Groups are enabled that says someone is "already a list member. Use PUT to insert or update list members"
- Fixed: customers with unsaved Custom Field data would cause a sync error
- Fixed: customers without an address_id will no longer be skipped if the "Profile Updates" webhook is enabled
- Fixed: merge fields that are mapped to custom fields will now sync if the "Profile Updates" webhook is enabled, and will work for Text, Textarea, Date, Time, and Date/Time field types

- Updated: moved the pop-up box higher on the page for mobile devices
- Updated: removed "update_existing" parameter for now
- Updated: a store is now only created in MailChimp if Ecommerce is turned on
- Updated: address data is now sent with the "customer" object
- Updated: "province_code" is now sent in addition to the "province" name when sending customer and order info

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