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We've released Customizable Ajax call me back and feedback/contact form version 1.2.
It's a ajax sidebar form, that can act as Call me back form, or simple contact form.
Default Opencart forms are usually too ugly, so we decided to create our own.

Opencart's Customizable Ajax Contact form


It's version 1.2, but we still need your feedback, to make it even better :)


Highly configurable and easy to use ajax feedback and call me back form. Once customer submits a form, you will receive an e-mail with feedback/phone call request.

- The form uses ajax, you don't need to create separate page for this form. Customer can see it anytime, any page. You just place a button on desired pages, and the form will show up when customer clicks the button.
- Button for displaying form can be placed on the left/right side of the screen, inside the module text, or you can place it manually in the template code.
- Nice transition and validation effects.
- Fields customization: Name, E-mail, Phone, Preferred time for a phone call, Comments, Additional field 1, Additional field 2. You can change
name, order of the fields, set/clear whether they are required and turn them on/off.
- Form caption, subcaption, colors are customizable from Admin area.
- Captcha to prevent spam submission, yet easy for the human to enter.

- It was successfully tested with default template. Should work with most of templates. If not - I will adapt it to your template.

DEMO available:
DEMO administration:
Use login and password: demo

Installation (as easy as possible for an opencart module):
- Extract archive to your opencart folder (there are admin and catalog folders)
- Navigate to Extensions -> Modules from administration menu. Click "Install" right to the "Call me back 1.2" module.
- Click "Edit" for "Call me back 1.2" module.



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i've got while installing
PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /var/www/opencart/admin/view/template/module/spcallmeback.tpl on line 322



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I've purchased this extension and I sent you an email asking how the form can be embedded on the checkout confirmation page, could you please let me know soon?


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