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[RELEASED] @tik ClearAdmin invoicing export module

Posted: Fri Sep 20, 2013 7:07 pm
by OC2PS
Details in Hungarian at

ClearAdmin is a free, modular invoicing software popular in Hungary. With over 30,000 customers, it is the most-used invoicing program in the country.

This module exports orders to your ClearAdmin invoicing software.

Main features of this module include:
  1. Export order data to ClearAdmin for immediate invoicing.
  2. No need to add products or customers to ClearAdmin beforehand.
  3. Bulk export of orders.
  4. Automatically change order status after exporting.
  5. Edit the invoices as normal before printing.
  6. Record of exports is stored.
Requirements (v5.0+)
  1. OpenCart 3.x or later.
  2. PHP 7.03 or later.
  3. In OpenCart, the "model" should be unique for each product.
  4. Getting an order from OpenCart to a ClearAdmin invoice is a 2 step process:
    1. export from OpenCart, and
    2. import into ClearAdmin.
    This module completes the first step. For the second step, you must have ClearAdmin webáruház module installed in ClearAdmin
English and Hungarian are included.
Translations for other languages (esp. German) are welcome.

Installation (v5.0+)
  1. Download the file.
  2. Extensions > Extension Installer > Upload. Upload the downloaded file.
  3. Extensions > Modifications > Refresh.
  4. Log into your OpenCart shop admin, go to System > Users > User Groups
  5. Click Edit next to Top Administrator.
  6. Click Select all for both Access permission and Modify permission and then click Save.

In OpenCart Admin
  1. Go to Extensions > Modules
  2. Click Edit next to ClearAdmin Export.
  3. Order status:
    After exporting the selected orders, this module can change the order statuses for those orders, e.g. to Processing.
    If you would like this module to change the status of exported orders, then select what the status should be changed to.
    If you don't want this module to change the order status, leave it as "No change"
  4. Filename:
    The exported orders are stored as xml files for ClearAdmin to read. Please provide a name for the file in which the orders should be stored. Please choose a unique name.
  5. Extra order data:
    ClearAdmin allows additional information to be included in the invoice for use by the ClearAdmin cheque module. If you'd like to supply this extra information, please provide it in Extra data box.
  6. Payment due:
    Enter the number of days after invoice date that the payment is due.
  7. Reason code:
    ClearAdmin allows you to not allow VAT in some cases, e.g. if selling to an EU VAT registered customer in another EU country.
    If you have set up OpenCart to not apply VAT in such a case then you need to check the reason code in ClearAdmin and provide it here in this module.
    You can find the reason code in ClearAdmin at Data > VAT-free reasons
  8. Tax class mapping:
    This is where you can match VAT classes in OpenCart to VAT classes in ClearAdmin.
    On the left you will see the VAT classes from OpenCart.
    On the right, you must enter the corresponding VAT class codes (not VAT class names or percents) from ClearAdmin
    In ClearAdmin, you can find the VAT class code in Data > VAT classes window (column 1 of 3).
    If in ClearAdmin VAT classes window you only see 2 columns and no code column, then go to File > Settings > Webshop > Advanced Settings and check the Show codes... checkbox to enable the column. Then go back to Data > VAT classes to check the codes for each VAT class.
  9. Payment class mapping:
    This is where you can match payment methods in OpenCart to payment methods in ClearAdmin.
    On the left you will see the payment methods from OpenCart.
    On the right, you must enter the payment method codes from ClearAdmin
    In ClearAdmin you can find the payment method codes at Data > Payment methods window (1st of 3 columns). If a payment method does not have a code, please edit the method and add a code to it.
  10. Enabled: Set this to Yes.
In ClearAdmin Usage
  1. In OpenCart Admin Panel, go to order list Sale > Orders
  2. Select the orders for which you want to create invoices and click ClearAdmin Export.
  3. In ClearAdmin press Ctrl+L (or go to Webshop > Download invoices)
  4. Step 3 above will create new invoices in ClearAdmin. You can edit the invoices in ClearAdmin as normal before printing them.
  1. The exported files are stored in your OpenCart installation's /clearadmin/ folder. We strongly recommend that you password protect the /clearadmin/ folder using .htaccess
  2. If not all of the orders you exported from OpenCart appear in ClearAdmin, check/change the import limit in ClearAdmin by going to File > Settings > Webshop > Advanced settings
Download ... n_id=13887

Re: [RELEASED] @tik ClearAdmin invoicing export module

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 4:46 pm
by OC2PS
New version released for OpenCart 3.x: ... n_id=13887