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As the name suggests OpenCart warehouse POS, denotes the Warehouse point of solution module for OpenCart online stores.
This module simply lets you transfer stock from one warehouse to another.

For this, the TMD OpenCart warehouse point of solution comes with an easy solution, that makes it easier for your store to manage products/options stocks in different warehouses and helps you to keep control over multiple inventory locations easily.

OpenCart warehouse point of solution extension stock management provides the facility to store managers to effectively manage stock in different warehouse points of sale extension.

The facility provides multiple warehouse points of sale module management for products and options level stock.
This module tracks warehouse sale reports, quick warehouse stock assignments, reduction of order stock, etc.

The warehouse point of sale extension system improves stock replenishment very easily from one store to another.
So you can replenish stock from one store to another when there is a shortage of goods at one location.
This also helps increase your sales and also streamline your warehouse goods.

Another important aspect of the OpenCart warehouse POS extension can be used for the fast cycling of goods from one warehouse to another where there are more sales.

By doing so, your customer relations become solid as the availability of products can be replenished from other stores and you build customer loyalty, it also tracks your inventory efficiently across multiple locations of OpenCart warehouse point of sale.

TMD OpenCart OpenCart warehouse point of sale system is also strong because it keeps every contact & location information

Features you will Love
1. With this module, you never lose track of stock motion. Because it shows stock quantity increases or decreases immediately after a transfer.
2. You can create multiple warehouses with locations to match your business. Each warehouse has its own personal name, stocks, and orders. so It is easy to manage to add, edit, view, and delete of warehouse with some clicks.
3. After the purchase of this module, we assure you won't find any issues. Because customer sanctification is our first priority. For that, we generate documentation with steps these steps clear the problem of installation. Open link of documentation

For further information, you can check our module through the link Official Website and OpenCart.Com


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