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Why havent anyone made a databas on the OpenCart site with all the language variabels in ? Or is there suce a thing already ?

The idee is that u can see that "text_product" in the file "compare.php" in the the map "catalog/language/_____/product/"
for version "" and "language" swedish" is "'Produkt detaljer'

With that u can see what version is using what variabels, and where in the system it is and also u can have different suggestion from ppl. U can also search for all variabels that contain "_product" so u can translate them equal (in this case it is not that hard, but after translating some files I see that I, and others, translate the same word a bit different now and then)

just an idee .....

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Tue Mar 19, 2013 7:29 am
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