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Here is my first effort at a quick responsive stylesheet. Not very pretty, but it does the job!



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Brilliant idea, this is the only reason I am put off using opencart sometimes, is because it can be so hard to change the look of the default theme without duplicating a lot of tpls.

My ideas are:
1. Move all the onclick javascript to a jquery click method. Use data attributes to store the product id etc.

2. Remove all the

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<br />
that are used for styling. E.g Checkout.

3. Most useful would be to add more classes for styling.
E.g: I create a new theme and would like to change how the "Module Featured" looks by using CSS only. If the featured.tpl had a class like this:

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<div class="box module_featured">
. I wouldn't need to duplicate this file just to add the class.

If you look at: this is a perfect example of how a perfect theme would work, so that you can change the look of the theme with CSS alone.
Isn't this how CSS is supposed to work lol

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few mistakes were found?

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