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Why did we create a dedicated mobile theme for OpenCart?
Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a good-looking responsive theme that works well on mobile devices. That’s because responsive themes are built for desktop computers and tailored for mobile devices.

Your mobile visitors need a fast and convenient way to browse your shop and check out.

OpenCart Mobile Framework Lite is a dedicated mobile-optimized theme built and designed specially for smartphones. It’s super fast and thumb-friendly.

Why use OMFramework as your mobile theme?

Built with vQmod it doesn’t overwrite any OpenCart core files.

Optimized for speed

OMFramework is separate from your desktop theme. It’s designed to load in a snap even on slow connections and slow devices.

Convenient for browsing
It serves the needs of the on-the-go customer:
• buttons are large enough to be tapped with a thumb
• navigation is easy to reach and use
• site content is reduced, so that your customers aren't distracted

Easy to set up
Just install the extension and mobile visitors will be automatically redirected to the mobile site, while desktop visitors will still see the desktop site.

SEO friendly out-of-the-box
No need for you to set up a “m.” website or to submit a separate sitemap for the mobile site. Mobile shops with OMFramework are already optimized to rank higher in mobile search.


• Auto-detection of mobile visitors
• Up to 2700% faster than the default theme
• Optimized for small mobile screens
• Simplified interface
• Acts as a default mobile theme
• Uses vQmod
• Smart HQ images
• Wish List

Download OpenCart Mobile Framework Lite now for free!

Gergana Dimova,
The OMFramework team

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