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Completely free, open source extension to recover lost sales -- no need to register with any 3rd party site for functionality. This extension works out of the box and no data leaves your server to any 3rd party marketers.

For Open Cart
May work in other 2.x shops, but has not been tested to confirm compatibility. I can only support bugs/issues.

Multi-language compatible:
  • English
  • Arabic
  • Brazilian Portuguese / Portuguese
Easy to use:
  • Self-extracting in OCMOD format
  • Quick configuration (3 options!)
  • Unique emails customized to the prospect; complete with their first name and cart contents
  • No technical skill required for use; tick a checkbox, click send and you're done.
Download extension from Opencart Marketplace
View the source code on Github

Extensions I've made (free):

Breadcrumbs for & Breadcrumb links for subcategories & parent category on product pages
Product Requests Allow customers to request notifications for sold out products
Abandoned Carts Send inquiries to abandoned carts to complete checkout or provide feedback
Ghost Orders Cleanup residue left behind by one page checkout addons

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