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Modifications refresh button in extensions installer page

This extension adds modifications refresh button in extensions installer page with proper redirect to same page.
Also fixes a bug in Opencart 2.3 to display success message after refreshing modifications.

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Dynamic Downloads - make downloadable files alive - pdf, zip etc. Electronic tickets, serial numbers, personalised to given order and product
Shipping Labels Advanced - fully customizable approach to easy print labels
Ads provider to other sites - provide ad boxes with source from the e-shop (ad server) in other yours or partner sites (ad client)

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Post by IP_CAM » Tue Feb 14, 2017 5:13 am

well, the only problem seems to be, that so many Extension Writers still use
Title Names, contrary to HTTP-Specifications, by implementing WHITE SPACE GAPS
into the Extension-Download-title-Names. And the new OC Extension Section Software
seems to be unable, to 'handle' such Misdoings any longer, as it looks. :-\

As a consequence of this, many Downloaders have no idea, how to 'handle' such Files,
to make 'em work again, as they should, in the first place. But such could leave a rather
'mixed' impression on those, still doing it this way... ;)
Just to mention it !

extension_title_white_space_problem..jpg (120.81 KiB) Viewed 911 times

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