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maybe someone know where to find Finnish language pack for Opencart 1.5.6?
In the marketplace only for OC 2+

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Post by IP_CAM » Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:39 pm

well, famous PEKU's finnish OpenCart will include a complete Language Pack.
Opencart Finland ... n_id=16342
And this OC Package includes a finnish language Pack. It's not the latest v.1.5.6 release,
but the Language should mostly work, still, it will miss some specific 1.5.6.x Variables, I guess.
OpenCart Translation Project, finnish is only partly translated for 1.5.6.x:
And to 'insert' missing Content, or then 'fine tune/change' existing Language Content,
this genious free Magic Translations OC Admin Tool will sure be of help as well:
Magic Translations - OpenCart Language Translator Tool

Good Luck! ;)
PS: Just found an untranslated one, when looking at the breadcrumb-links on the image :laugh:

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