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Hello, I enjoy opencart so much. It has been the best cart I've tried. I like the community as well.

I don't know what to do with this. I was recently played a trick on with an extension. ... ension.php
That is the extension for rich snippets. I thought I'd install it and if I didn't like it, just remove it. Well, I do like it and am still using it and I guess I will make a small donation.

Anyway I noticed a new link on product pages, without my permission, and I also see a lot of other sites with the same problem.
'semantic tags powered by TransPacific Software'
That is what the link says.

Well, I thought, oh geez, he's using that link to get people to pay, etc... Not too bad tactics, not the most moral, etc...

Well, I mean, I thought I'd click the link and check it out.

1. He's not getting ANY pagejuice at all, it's on all opencart pages and usually a product page has 0 or low pr. So hes not getting anything here.

2. Who exactly is going to click it? A customer will be more than baffled, and opencart owners just dont care or won't care, so there's nothing there.

3. So, I mean, we're left with just annoyance.

This is concerning, I don't know if this kind of thing should be allowed or promoted in the Opencart community, didn't exactly give me the warm fuzzies.

Would someone with clout please examine what is going on here? I'd certainly appreciate it. If you have any questions at all, even the most technical, please ask me.

Thank you so much, below is included the fix for those who can't toil that much.

at the very end of your catalog/view/theme/xxxx/template/product/product.tpl file put these lines of js code:

<script type="text/javascript"><!--, function(a) { if (a.href.indexOf('transpacific')!==-1) {'none';}});

remove 'semantic tags powered by TransPacific Software'
opencart 'semantic tags powered by TransPacific Software'
remove semantic tags powered by TransPacific Software
opencart semantic tags powered by TransPacific Software
opencart extension 'semantic tags powered by TransPacific Software'
opencart extension semantic tags powered by TransPacific Software



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My company TransPacific Software has developed GR Rich snippet extension

You can find a paid extension for $20 without the link “semantic tags powered by TransPacific Software” at ... %20snippet
The paid extension is updated and incorporates latest vocabulary for ecommerce

Why the link?

We have invested more than 3 months in studying the e-commerce vocabularies published by and GoodRelations. After numerous test cycles and checking Google bot behavior with GR Rich snippet data we decided to release the extension. GR Rich snippet strictly adheres to Google’s guideline for structured data embedding.

Expected some recognition

We expected to get acknowledgment by introducing a tag line for our company. The same was explicitly declared in our FAQ page as well as documentation.If You find credit line a trick or unfair you could always uninstall the extension

Is it moral to hack manipulate the code ?

Code hacking is bad. You should not have used this forum to put js code to manipulate our code.
Anyway it is immaterial; as latest updated code is available for nominal $20 WITHOUT the tag line.


We are glad to experience overwhelming support to GR Rich snippet by OpenCart developers , OpenCart e-retailers ,SEO experts, Bloggers . As on today; more than a million pages are tagged with GR Rich snippet. Many shop owners have communicated to us that they are experiencing 30-35% increased CTR.

Prashant Telang

TransPacific Software
OpenCart Developers

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Umm, I dont have the link in Every Product Page, instead its there on the home page! I wonder how to remove that!



Sat Jul 28, 2012 5:14 pm
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