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I want to import some products to my shop with CSV Import Pro, but I have one problem. When I want that products are only vidible in Subcategory 2.

I have categories like this:
Main Category->SubCategory 1-> SubCategory 2

My CSV Import Pro Field Mapping looks like this:
Name: Name
Price: Price
Category: Category->SubCategory1->SubCategory2

And my csv looks like this:

test;8;Main Category;SubCategory 1;SubCategory 2

I want that the product is visible only in SubCategory 2. How can I do this?

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Post by hostjars » Thu Feb 07, 2013 6:04 am

This is not possibly by default with the CSV Import PRO. It will always add the product to the full category path.

The Total Import PRO does allow it with a setting in Step 2 called: Bottom Category Only

This will add a product only to the bottom category of the chain. If you are interested in upgrading we are happy to provide a discount as a previous customer, just contact us through the form on our site or email us at enquiry @

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