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Last year we bought this Google Merchant Center Feed module from TechSleuth: ... on_id=3261

It's a great module which is fine for our needs but we've encountered a bit of an anomaly and Josh at TechSleuth is going through some personal issues at the moment and is unable to provide support. This is really unfortunate, for Josh, of course but we've got this problem and without Josh, we're really stuck.

Originally we had image sizes 75/225/500 for small, medium and large respectively. We are given these images from the product supplier so rather than uploading them into OC, we have the images sitting in respective directories. Everything was working fine until the supplier wasn't able to provide images up to 500 pixels so instead we modified it to 75/225/225. But, we're finding that the Google Merchant Center Feed is still referring to images in the /500/ folder even though the store now looks in the /225/ folder for both medium and large images. It's like its cached a reference to this original path or that it remembers it in some way.

We've been through the configuration settings over and over again but can't find anything that controls this. The only flag related to images is under options "Do not use cached images for Image Link or Additional Image Link attributes" but if checked it refers to an image path /image/ and if not checked will refer back to /500/.

All we need is the module to respect the location where OC is already looking anyway, in the /225/ folder rather than the /500/ folder.

Can anyone help in Josh's absence?

Many thanks


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