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Ok here is my website
I have searched the Web this morning for hours, etc.. Looking for help!

Bottom line UPS rates are coming in way to high, a package weighing under a lb 1is charging customer 20.85 from North Carolina zip 28110 to NY, zip 11510 When I reviewed retail prices on should be around 11.24 for UPS ground

UPS is no help, and obvious customers will not order from us with high rates, My USPS rates are right on, no issue with them.

Here is my settings for UPS

Extensions UPS:
* Access Key: correct Key is being used

* Username: Correct

* Password: Correct

Pickup Method:Daily pick up set, I do notice you can get different rates here, but daily pick up gives lowest rate

Packaging Type:Package

Customer Classification Code: 03
01 - If you are billing to a UPS account and have a daily UPS pickup, 03 - If you do not have a UPS account or you are billing to a UPS account but do not have a daily pickup, 04 - If you are shipping from a retail outlet (only used when origin is US)

Shipping Origin Code: US Origin
What origin point should be used (this setting affects only what UPS product names are shown to the user)

* Origin City: Monroe
Enter the name of the origin city.

* Origin State/Province: NC
Enter the two-letter code for your origin state/province.

* Origin Country:US
Enter the two-letter code for your origin country.

Origin Zip/Postal Code:28110
Enter your origin zip/postalcode.

Test Mode: NO
Use this module in Test (YES) or Production mode (NO)?
Yes No
Quote Type:Residential
Quote for Residential or Commercial Delivery.

Select the UPS services to be offered.
UPS Next Day Air
UPS Second Day Air
UPS Ground
UPS Standard

Enable Insurance:NO
Enables insurance with product total as the value
Yes No
Display Delivery Weight: NO
Do you want to display the shipping weight? (e.g. Delivery Weight : 2.7674 Kg's)
Yes No
Weight Code:lbs
Allowed kgs or lbs. Make sure you match the weight class with the UPS accepted weight code.

Weight Class:Pound
Set to kilograms or pounds.

Length Code:
Make sure you match the measurement class with the measurement code.

Length Class:Inch
Set to centimeters or inches.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 24 15 18
Tax Class: None
Geo Zone: US Shipping
Status: Enabled
Sort Order: 2

Opencart 1.5.0


Thanks for your Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Try changing:
Dimensions (L x W x H): 24 15 18
to something like 10x10x10. That was what another user said worked.

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Post by hoffy5 » Wed Oct 12, 2011 9:35 pm

10x10x10 did the trick!!!!! You rock!!!!!!!!!! ;D

A big thank you!!!!!!!!!



Sat Aug 27, 2011 7:31 pm

Post by promofire » Thu Jun 18, 2015 3:02 am

Had to change mine to 4x4x4 but we're good now.

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