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I am trying to find an extension to give a discount on the shipping.

I want to give a shipping "credit" of $10 per order.

So basically if the shipping cost $15, they would only pay $5

If it was $10 they would pay $0

It would also need to work if their shipping was $8 then they just get free shipping, that's why it needs to apply to shipping only, not the whole order.

I was offering free shipping, but some rural areas cost a lot more than metro areas. So this way, those not living in rural areas would get free shipping and those in rural areas would only get discounted shipping.

I've looked around extensions and I can't seem to find anything that would do this.



Thu Feb 04, 2016 11:31 pm

Post by Johnathan » Fri Feb 05, 2016 2:37 am

If you want the discount on its own line on the order, you could use Shipping-Based Fee/Discount for this. You can set a discount based on the shipping method and rate, as well as the shipping address and other rules, so you could give a discount only to the customers you wanted.

It includes a "Minimum" rule, so you could make sure the discount was never over a certain amount. In your case, if you want to give 100% off the shipping up to $10, then you'd set it up like this:

Title: Shipping Discount
Group: A
Charge Type: Total
Charge Field: 0-99999 = -100%
Rule: Total Value = Shipping Cost
Rule: Minimum = -10.00

Another option would be to just get a shipping extension that's capable of charging different rates. I have a Formula-Based Shipping extension that's flexible enough for most situations, unless you need specific rates for products or categories. If you do, I have extensions for that as well.

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