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I am trying to enable moneybookers on my website. I needed a bit of help.

I currently have a personal account with moneybookers. Can I accept credit cards with it?

Out of curiosity I enabled it and using a guest account checked out with it to see how it works when it accepts credit cards. I observed that the next page requires customer to enter into moneybookers. I think its like customers already have moneybookers account. Well! we all know all the people use PayPal and having moneybookers account is possible but rare. So I wanted to know that is there any method by which customers directly go to the page where they can pay by credit card and don't need to login into moneybookers??? I want that customers having paypal use paypal and customers with cc should pay with moneybookers still if they dont have moneybookers account. Is this possible??? Do I need to upgrade myself to another account at moneybookers???
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I work at Moneybookers and there were some issues with the Moneybookers module which have now been resolved. You should be able to process debit and credit cards through Moneybookers now. It i true though that if you already have a Moneybookers account then it automatically takes you to sign in using your account rather than to the debit and credit card page.

Hope that helps, are you still looking to use Moneybookers?



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