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Hey Guys,

I am using and i am learning this new filter module that come with the download. pretty cool. a few questions...

1. I would like for it to be horizontal. so i select "top" on the category page. however, it puts it right on top no matter what number i put.... Is there an easy way for it to be under the bread crumb and category title/image and description but above the product table?

1.5 Also what do i tweak to get the list of filters to be in a row vs. a column?

2. I assume when you have sub categories, and a shopper clicks on the main category, it shows... "Refine your Search" and then lists the related subcategories. Correct? (i am not sure i know why or how it does it) that list of subcategories is in the perfect spot for the filter module. The question I have is if you have sub-categories and a filter... does it show "refine your search" twice? One that is in a frame for the filter and one that is not for the sub-categories? The filter module could replace subcategories in some situations... at least for my shops.. although i like having the option to have both.

3. i have not seen the stock filter module in a demo yet? is there one? one with subcategories? (by stock i mean the filter module that comes with, not a filter for stock or stock on hand, just to be clear)

4. The free import export tool that is awesome yet not ready for does anyone know if it will include filters?

5. i am trying to avoid adding categories and filters and redundancy on this install and any advice would be greatly appreciated. (that is not really a question). Do you have any advice?


Scot O0



Sat Jan 21, 2012 4:13 am
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