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We are just starting with Open Cart and all is working very well so far.
Our company designs art prints for children's nurseries and we also do illustrations of peoples houses. Can anyone tell us if they know of an extension or modification to the Opencart 1.4.9 version that would enable us to add a text field and image upload field onto specific products?

I'm thinking of the following scenarios:

Scenario 1:
A childs ABC poster can have their name printed on the bottom of it - we'd like the buyer to be able to enter the kids name and for this to come through on the order details and maybe also be displayed on the checkout summary so they can check they have entered the correct text.

Scenario 2:
Someone wants a drawing of their house - they upload a couple of photos of it and then buy the product. We get the images associated with the order put onto the server with the reference id of the order.
If we could also have image upload and annotation for one product that would be great.

Some products need this and some do not so we'd like to add text fields and upload options on a product by product basis.

If this a paid mod or custom work we would be happy to pay and give a full brief.

Many thanks

Bob Harrison

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The Search button is your friend. A simple search for "customer upload" yields many relevant threads, as well as links to extensions that do just what you want, like this one.

There is no substitute for reading what others have written before you. You get answers quicker, and you get to decide what is right for you.

Please use proper English at all times, so that all members may understand you.

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Post by bobbyh » Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:15 pm

Hi mberlant,

Brilliant! Thanks for the link I'll get this right away. Will search around and find one that will let people add text as well.
Think I just wasn't searching for the right phrase. Doh!

Appreciate the help.


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Post by hanuman » Thu Apr 12, 2012 5:45 pm


This mod lets customers add text to a product image so they can see the text as it would appear on the product. For OpenCart 1.4.x, you would need the Global Mega Options extension to work with it. For v1.5.x, that extension is not required. All text and font settings can be product options, so you get all the info saved after ordering, as normal.

Demo is here:

http://www.product-attribute-pictures.c ... demos.html




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