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I am using Opencart for my eshop and I use this standard Export/Import tool: ... sion_id=17

The problem occur when I try to import additional images for a product. In this module you have to specify product-id and path to image to every additional image that a product have. It looks like this:

So, there is only 1 product with id = 118. This product has 3 additional images. I specify path and id for each additional image. It is very inconvenient. For example, you have 10000 items and 3 additional images for each of them. It is 30000 lines in excel. I am using Ipage paid hosting and such amount of queries consumes MySQL Query Limit pretty fast. I guess problem is not only in this particular module. I've tested several import-export modules and they have same logic of uploading additional images. I am wondered why in this excel file you can just separate all additional images by comma without this huge amount of duplicates. How to solve this problem? May be some module exists to solve it? Or someone resolved it in some way?



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Post by artcore » Wed May 06, 2015 7:06 pm

That was exactly my problem as well. After trying many Excel functions I gave up and wrote a simple php script instead to directly add those images to the database from the csv. (after saving xls as csv)

You might want to try and find an import extension for CSV, as they are more plentiful, that supports additional images.
Total Import Pro seems to be good for this. I almost bought it but my script worked :D

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Reason: OpenCart version 3+ ;D


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Post by yasar » Thu May 28, 2015 10:54 pm

Add the extra column for your excel file Like this



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Post by PGR » Wed Apr 18, 2018 8:28 pm

Did anyone find out how to import the main image & additional images for 1 product without manually having to add them through the product edit? Ive searched the internet for ages trying to find the correct tool (if there is one) but I am always coming up short. There are many csv import tools that import 1 image per product but I want to assign an additional 3 to the product ie Main image, size chart, manufacturer logo.

Any help would be appreciated :)



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