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I've bought the CSV Product Import - by karapuz to be able to import products into their catagories.
This ofcourse works fine, however. When i want to define sub categories by using the divider /// in the catagory field of my CSV file the following happens:

I import the CSV for the first time with a product that has 2 catagories "Hands" and "Feet" for example. The plugin will create Hands and Feet and put the product in both catagories.

Now i make Feet a subcatagory of Hands and import new products, this will fail and the subcatagory Feet will be re-created by the import module. It simply doesn't know or see that i have made Feet a sub catagory of Hands.

How can i solve this?



Fri Nov 01, 2013 3:29 am

Post by karapuz » Mon Nov 04, 2013 2:00 pm

Hello, Aapje,

I am sorry for the delay in our reply. It happens because I do not check the forum. It is better to post emails to me directly at support[at] or in our HelpDesk here: http:://

Regarding the issue it seems that you changed the multi-value category separator on the extension settings page to '///'. It is ':::' by default. The multi-category separator takes priority over the sub-category separator that is why new root categories are created instead of sub-categories.

You should restore the original multi-category separator on the extension settings page or at lease set it to any different value like '|'. Once you have changed it you should run the import according to your description and the product will be added to a 'Feet' sub-category.

If my advice does not help or you need any assistance please send me the administrator access to your store and the file you tried to import at support[at]

Thank you.

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