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Hope this is the right place to post this.

Saw that namecheap has a promotion available and it sparked an idea .

First take a look here to see what I`m talking about : ... -2012.aspx

I was thinking that a module or vqmod can be developed to organize a contest similar to what they are doing.

Example: "help us get 5000 shares on facebook or 5000 tweets (whichever comes first) by 1st september and get 50% or whatever discount on product X (can be a single product or all products in a category)"

It should have a nice counter to show people how many shares or tweets have been made.
We should have the ability to set what tweet should be sent or/and what link should be shared on facebook.

This could help promote any store in any niche .. ideas are endless

Calling out all developers who can make such a thing :)

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