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I am not sure if I am missing something, maybe there already exist something like that or it's been discussed already, but neither a Google nor a Forum search could provide me with its existence.
Hence, if it does, pleas disregard this post and kindly pont me to the place where I can find it. Thank you!

What I am missing in admin, is the possibility to quickly find and filter out what I need, like;
  • apply a flag for "featured, best-seller, special, etc.
This would save a lot of time, having to go through a lot and a lot of products to find which one is what! You could just simply sort the column and there you have it (it could be a ver narrow column, using just an icon for each, that would save a lot of width space, too!)

Then, I found an add-on about "filter by categories", but there are other filters that could be used, too, still, like: filter by supplier, products which people wait for being notified when they become available (may help for supply-chain management to give those products priority in stocking), etc.

Thanks for considering.

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Wed Jul 04, 2012 1:21 pm
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