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One of my biggest problems with 1.5.x is in handling products that are not in stock and need to be ordered from my vendors. There are several problems I'd love to see addressed in a future release or a mod:

1) When I get a shipment in from x vendor, there is no easy way (at least not that I've found) to figure out what customer that item is for. I end up having to go to apsona to search for the product code to see the customer name that ordered it and then back to oc to pull up that customers order, print the invoice etc. It would be nice to at least show model numbers of ordered items in the order list for quick reference or some other way I'm not thinking of.

2) When I get orders for items I don't have in stock (since I do not stock many items, this is any non-dropshipable item in my stores), there is no easy way to make a list of items to be ordered or add them to a purchase order.

What I would ideally like is when I process an order, I could add the products I need to order to a purchase order by vendor (perhaps check boxes next to the products and a "add to po" that would take those products with model number and options and let me select the vendor to add to an open po or create a new one). Since many vendors have a minimum order, this would let me do a running po to meet their minimum and then once a week print out or email that vendor the po. It should then be marked as "ordered" so that any new products for that vendor would start a new po. Then when I get the shipment, I could mark the po as closed (possibly updating in stock quantities for items that are purchased in packs so that I have some left in stock after filling my customers order). Even just adding all such products to a master "to order" list would be a huge help. Right now, I manually retype every order into a outdated database program so I can track to order items.

3) Statuses are needed for individual products on an order. I often get orders with multiple products on it from multiple vendors. It would be nice to mark each product on each order as "in stock", "ordered", "dropshiped","backordered" etc. When you have a large number of products, tracking things like this gets harder and harder.

These 3 features would be a great enhancement I think to opencart.

Running Opencart v2.2 with multi-stores from which has links to all my stores.


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