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Probably mentioned before, but couldn't find it...

1. I would like to be able to filter products on the <admin/ catalogue/ products> page.
I'm building a store with litterally thousands of products, divided in a large pool of categories. So if I would have to scroll trough 100's of pages of products to find the one I need to edit, it's becoming very time- consuming. Now, if I would be able to narrow it down to the correct category/ price/ etc, it would greatly reduce the number of products to scroll trough.

2. The option to 'hide' a product from the store-front when out of stock.
Make the option available in the products data tab. Out of stock: Hide/ Pre-order. Since some products are 'one-time-offers', others are available by pre-order, other products are steady but temporarely sold out etc. This would greatly enhance the experience for store-owners.

3. Add to cart
Why... Why would you be able to add a product to your cart if: A. It is out of stock; B. It is not availabe as pre-order? Customers happily continue shopping, adding more and more stuff to their cart and then get so dissapointed when they reach the check-out page. The item they liked the most suddenly seems unavailable! The customer should be made aware much earlier. By not being able to see the product in the first place, or not to be able to click add-to-cart and if it's pre-orderable by changing the add-to-cart button-text into pre-order.

Just some brainwaves about stuff I came across. OC is a lovely e-commerce solutions and I love the fact that dev's are open to suggestions to make it even better for most users. Fiddling around with extensions and vQmods (<- great invention btw!) doesn't seem to work for everyone that uses a theme-style other then default.


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