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Opencart version 1.5

When we use right now, modules like Featured,Bestsellers and latest in home the link of the product on image or button don`t have the category variable. I think is better if future realeases have this option.

I have done by my own.

In model catalog I write this function:

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public function getAllCategoriesfromProduct($product_id) {
		$product_data = array();
		$sql="SELECT category_id FROM " . DB_PREFIX . "product_to_category WHERE product_id = '" . (int)$product_id . "'";
		$product_query = $this->db->query($sql);

		foreach ($product_query->rows as $product) {
			$product_data[] = $product['category_id'];
			$line_separated = implode("_", $product_data);			
		return $line_separated;

And in each module I write this code (example for module/latest.php):

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$categorias = $this->model_catalog_category->getAllCategoriesfromProduct($result['product_id']);
and change href link

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'href'    	 => $this->url->link('product/product', . $result['product_id']),
for this one

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 'href'        => $this->url->link('product/product', 'path=' .$categorias . '&product_id=' . $result['product_id'])

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Post by kliMa » Tue Feb 05, 2013 11:33 pm

This is very good way to add it.
How to add parent_id of category inside the link?


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