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making it version neutral would make it easy to import a backup of a older database into a newer opencart version
would make it simpr to upgrade without using a upgrade script as well

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Post by mberlant » Sun Jun 05, 2011 9:49 pm

It sure would... except for the fact that version upgrades often include database changes. You would be making a backup of "triangles" and trying to restore them into a database that needs to be filled with "pentagons". The new database would have no way of knowing which of your three triangle sides is to go into which three of the now-five pentagon slots, nor what to fill in for the two absent sides.

Let's take a ridiculous example. Suppose that the Product table's first field is "Model Number" and the fifth field is "Price". The developers decide that the database would be much more efficient if it were rearranged so that the first field is now "Price" and the fifth field is now "Model Number". If we simply performed a backup on the old product list and restored this list to the new store you would have model numbers in the Price field and prices in the Model Number field.

Upgrade scripts do that rearrangement work for us, making space in the appropriate places to receive the new information.

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