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I am not sure if this was ever mentioned before.

How about integration with accounts packages such as Sage, Pegasus and Intuit products etc?

The reason is most businesses would love to be able to just sell and be able to carry out accounts functions, VAT returns etc. Sales and Purchase analysis etc.

This could be done so that there is a 3/4 way link in theory/practice - OC for web, a till software (which is already available or built by OC developer) for shops (physical shop front), a good stock control system (built into OC) and a link to the accounting package. The stock control could be done using a seperate software developed by the OC developer but I feel it would be better integrated with OC because OC could actually be used in a physical shop via a pc/laptop (not ideal but it could be done).

Myself and other developers could easily sell these services adding value to our business. OC could then have a free open source side to the business and a paid or shareware side. Now I am not talking thousands of pounds here because that would defeat the objective. but a system under £500 for developers to invest in would be good.

This would help a lot of small business owners to run their businesses more effectively. This could help brick and mortar stores to start trading online and not having to worry about stock control etc. One of my client keeps selling things in the shop and forgetting to remove it off the online shop. I call her the phantom stock seller, lol.

Anyway what are your views guys?


Wed Apr 27, 2011 6:38 pm
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