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Hello Opencart Devs,

I would like to submit to you a feature suggestion that would (presumably) benefit many;

Statuses being accompanied by a pre-entered comment text,
to be automatically filled in the comment box when selecting a status in the order history.

To name a few examples;
If I change an order to the "Shipped" status, the comment box automatically gets filled with
Your order is on its way! It will arrive through Fedex tomorrow. Thank you for shopping with us!
Or if I change an order to "Ready for Pickup" it would fill in
Your order is ready for pickup! You may do so during these opening hours; ...
Because I previously entered those texts in an extra field, along with the status names in 'system > localization > orderstatuses'

It would save people from having to enter the same cookiecutter text over and over again by hand.
I personally copypaste it across from older orders, or from a local text file.

Hopefully you will consider this idea.

Best Regards,
- Sven

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Post by Qphoria » Fri Apr 06, 2018 12:55 am

There are actually many mods for this already: ... 20comments

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