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OC v3.0.2.0 - Mail class separated from the 22 methods

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 10:06 pm
by straightlight
It would be great to use additional AJAX calls to specifically send the emails. Right now, there are 22 methods that enforces the emails to be sent while collecting the data array. The data array should first be returned in order for override systems to be able to tweak the data array before officially sending the emails. Granted, it would increase the AJAX block of codes from the TWIG files as well as using 44 methods instead of 22 methods on the PHP files. Although, it would also provide a more segmented way to add new keys to the data array for additional features before officially sending the emails to the users.

As an optional, but cleaner use, the mail class should also be set into a centralized method in order to either use the HTML or text switch case when calling the registry to reduce the size of troubleshooting of those email parameters.