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Hi forum members,

I am running a webshop at this moment, We sell summaries for students at a Dutch university. At this moment, I face a problem where I can't find a solution for right away. I hope someone can help me.

We have around 50 summaries in our website. Each summary has its own releasedate. Every summary that is bought and paid on the website gets the order status "Processed". I work together with a printing company, and they look every day at 13:00 which new orders have been done by looking for the status "Processed".

But, some summaries can be bought as a pre-order. These summaries are not yet available, but can be pre-ordered so the customer gets the summary at the release date. But the problem is that these pre-orders also get the status of "Processed". This causes confusion at the printing company, they don't know which "Processed" status can be send and which one not.

So, what I want is the option to select the Order status of a product when it is bought. For example:
Product A gets status "Processed", because this summary is already out
Product B gets status "Complete" (for example, can be any status), because this summary is a pre-order.

Does someone has an extenstion or tool to help me with this? You would be the hero of the day if you do :)





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