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I was wondering if an extension can be developed to revert the quantity of the input box located in the cart (index.php?route=checkout/cart) back to the original quantity if it is more than the stock quantity?

Currently, it will show 3 red asterisks beside the product title and an error message inside the red box but the quantity entered by the user remains in the input box even though the quantity is more than the stock quantity.

As an example, there are two products in the cart. Each has a quantity of 1 in their respectively input boxes. Product One only has 1 in stock.

Product One 1
Product Two 1

The user change the input quantity to 2 for Product One and click the Update button (image). The 3 red asterisks and red error message appears.

Product One*** 2
Product Two 1

The input box for Product One still shows 2.

An extension to revert the quantity to its original value and then fade out the 3 red asterisks and the red error message box would be great. Once it fades out, the cart will display back to:

Product One 1
Product Two 1

I hope I was able to explain the feature clearly. Thank You.



Fri Aug 10, 2012 2:19 am
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