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Hello Daniel

Thank you for better shop written in PHP (I think Opencart so).

But what I really think need to more Opencart popularity (and I think you intersted in it) is:

1) Auto upgrade feuture (it's like non-upgradeble IE 6 and ypou know this story). Comparable, Opencart devs stunned with old versions often and fix some bugs in parallel.

2) Basic SEO not good in opencart. And if it not so, there a no so many SEO modules exist.
Maybe you had some buisness with those devs but I think platform losing more.
- URL generators for products, categories, pages etc. (As programmer you respect you time so why shop workers should paste it manually?)
- Custom H1 not same as title
- SEO-fiendly URLs by default or working everywhere (without index.php in urls)
Thats only few moments I noticed. But you really should watch topics in feature requests branch to understand problem deeply. YOu can see SEO modules have huge list of problem-solving staff: ... load_id=39

Many people would be glad to tell you about wishes if you show really interest for this or push it with you dev guys team.
Thank you.
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>> Auto upgrade feature, it's like non-upgradable IE 6 and you know this story... <<

Unfortunately, Opencart is not a Windows, and it contains no IE-X Browser either. So, how should it be possible to auto-upgrade a PHP Shop Script, usually containg a range of VqMod's, among other Things, written by masses of different contributors, each one using (more or less) his/her 'own' way's on doing it ?!

How much would you possibly be able to pay for such a Service? Would you even pay for such - or do your really expect OTHERS to work thousands of hours for you and others, just for the Fun of it? Noone (exept for me ;) ) plan's to just play around with Opencart, you and probably all others involved, you all want to make MONEY, I assume...

You just seem to misunderstand the concept, unware of the complexity on how complicated this would be, trying to add something like Auto-Update to OC, it would just never work. Or then, OC would have to be built as, a kind of, 'concealed base', and noone ever would have a RIGHT and Way to add/remove/modify ANYTHING anywhere within this 'base', everything else would have to 'hooked' onto this base, like any 'regular' Winwows-compatible Program, such as Photoshop or whatever..., linked by a range of (insecure!) DLL - type I/O-Handlers. Or something like it.

Still, as you see with WINDOWS, even such a Solution would raise Problems, because it's built/used by Human. And as long as somthing is built/used by Human, it will break, sooner or later..., even without 'others', always trying to break such stuff on purpose. Unfortunately...

Take, what you get. Or then, design Your Own.
That's the way it works, in real Life..., everything else ist just 'virtuality'

no offense, your'e still right on the SEO matter, at least...

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Post by craft37 » Thu Mar 05, 2015 11:24 am

As an opensource, Opencart have different business model from just 'selling shop software'.
As I understand, this model based on platform popularity.
Let's check, most popular Wordpress cms have their disadvantages but fully upgradable, have good seo support and it huge plus for security and platform popularity, etc..

I understand the difficulties for such feature but it can be set in architecture of software (like in Discourse forum too, for example.)

Like with browsers, their all became free and withe IE example, MS lose their part of market to Firefox and Chromium for non-upgradable product.

Anyway, it's only my wish. If I cold do more than chatting, I'll do it.
I don't want to blame someone but wanna see Opencart better and widely using.
Thanks for attention!

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