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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post, but I could use any help and/or to be pointed in right direction if this type of thing already exists.

What I'm looking for is an extension/mod....whatever that enables an Opencart store to generate pricing BASED ON A COST-DRIVEN SET OF RULES. So, each product SKU (and all options as well) would have a raw cost associated with it that would be entered into the back end. Then a rule (or set of rules) would be used to GENERATE the final selling price that shows up on the product page. Example is a product SKU with a $10 cost that I'd like to mark up 60% (based on a rule that was set at either the product level or category level?) so that the product page would show the customer price as $16. This would mean that every SKU (and every option) would have a corresponding cost figure in the database and then when we want to test various pricing strategies we would simple be able to tweak the mark up "rule" (be it $ or % or whatever) and thereby have all the products effected by the rule simply tweaked by adjusting the markup rule. (example of changing 60% mark up to 40% mark up).

I'm sure others must want to manage their pricing in a similar way but I can't seem to find a solution as I comb through things.

Thanks in advance for ANY HELP!! -MS



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Please look at ADV Profit Module v4.1 and import/export option: ... n_id=16601

Documentation: ... index.html

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