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Hey guys

okay I may have a unique situation or issue, and I really like the OPENCART interface and would like to use it as an ORDER MANAGEMENT application, however we have one issue,

Currently we have 4 sales channels. i.e. From Sales Rep on the field with a mobile order application, Tele Sales (back end entry), Customer Portal (i.e opencart) and in the future integrate with B2B EDI system ordering.

Anyway Tele sales is sorted by one extension, Customer portal that is sorted, B2B EDI that is still work in progress. However Sales Rep part of it is the issue, we currently can export all orders onto an csv or excel file. I would like something where we can export this file to an ftp server or somewhere ont he webserver so that OC can automatically update / pull through orders, and if it a new customer create a new customer, using the customer code from the ORDER APPLICATION SOFTWARE. An alert will obviously go to a Clerk to ensure all details are fine and new order will also be on hold until it is approved, this is for new customers or customers reaching their credit. If no stock available then this will also be put on hold until approve or the clerk can split the sales order (For this have an extension already)

If neither triggers are activated then order will automatically be pushed through as a certain status to be picked up by unleashed.

Is there any extension that can atleast import orders via excel?

I can do the rest :/

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