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Please read the Blog for any latest updates.

This topic lists all feature requests made by our users.

Admin sections hide for admins who don't have the rights
Additional weight for packing
Affiliate Program
Auto generate SEO Keyword, Automatic generation in the default language
Buy X and get Y free
Birthday coupon in user account
Discount Code/Coupon
Canceled order products re-added to the stock
Customer VAT-ID field
Customer Social ID-number field
Customer Chamber of Commerce ID field
Customer e-mail address confirmation
Customize email notifications (planned for v1.4.8 )
Customer credit system
Description fields for Manufacturers
Display Newsletter in Storefront
Enable/Disable customer required fields during registration
Enable/Disable customer fields during registration
Enable/Disable reviews (planned for v1.4.8 )
Full Customer Details (planned for v1.4.8 )
Global Product Options / Attributes
Login to see prices
Maintenance Mode (planned for v1.4.8 )
Manual Order Entry / Order Edit (planned for v1.4.8 )
Order Packing Slip
Order Shipping Slip
Orders At A Glance
Only Generate Single Temp Order Id
PDF invoice for customers & administrator
Product-level minimum order quantity (planned for v1.4.8 )
Product cost field (planned for v1.4.8 )
Product custom field
Product Hide tabs when not filled in
Product Options with their own SKUs and stock levels (planned for v1.4.8 )
Product sort order in Storefront from the admin (planned for v1.4.8 )
Product attributes (own fields) (top item, profi, new, lowered in price, ..) with optional corner image on top of the product image.
Quick stock update from BO Products list
Refund System
RMA System
SEO pages : Login, Logout, Account, Sitemap, Invoice, etc. (not only product, category, informatio,,..)
Shipping Per Product
Ship2pay (Shipment per payment)
(Multi) Store per Store: (planned for v1.4.8 )
Store VAT-ID field
Store Chamber of Commerce ID field
Store category for customer-group only
Store must be able to personalize mail, address, telephone and fax (the contact info)

A better sales report which would show per month:
  • Total exl VAT
  • Total inc. VAT
  • Shipping cost
  • How many customers have bought
  • How many of them bought before
  • Average Cart
  • Cost vs Sale = Profit
Just a password field on the success page to create an account, otherwise: Guest checkout.

Code: Select all

Thank you for your order!

If you'd like to make it easier to shop online with us, enter a password now to create an account with us:

email: _name@place.com__  <-- prefilled in with the order email that was used
password: ________________
 confirm:  ________________

"Add to cart" button for each product listed on the category page
Customer upload product
Customer wish list
Displaying Quantity discounts in range
Email me when this product is back in stock (planned for v1.4.8 )
Guest checkout Separate Shipping Address (planned for v1.4.8 )
Product sort order by name, price, date added (planned for v1.4.8 )
Recommended Retail Price - show what customer is saving
Related product feature works/shows both ways (planned for v1.4.8 )
Request a quote
Reviews integrate with accounts (user accounts)
Search by product attributes like price range, availability, model, and extra attributes (like wooden, in metal, etc.)
Shipping cost in cart
Short product description (additional field)
Switch to show prices incl./excl. VAT
Text options for products
Verify customer e-mail address (2nd field)

Payment Modules:
Ogone payment module

Shipping Modules:

All CSS Template
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Post by Qphoria » Thu Apr 22, 2010 12:23 pm

Here's a preliminary roadmap for 1.5.0.
It is subject to change & expand. I will try to stick to it as best as possible.
Additional bug fixes are implied and not listed.

TO BE ADDED (1.5.0):
- Watermarking support
- Wishlist
- Product Bundle pricing
- Product Custom fields
- Products Per Page selectbox
- Restore the URL library class. Move Auto-SEO to that class for ALL links (remove tool/seo)
- Improved search (explode method) and search by sku
- Look into mimicing WordPress's "hook" design using the "preAction" method
- Option for "Add to cart to see price" (like amazon does to hide prices from search engines)
- Checkbox to not add demo data during install
- Filter by tag in admin
- All products
- Add Weight to Product page
- Admin notes area
- Automatic Coupon Generator for first time orders
- Custom Customer Field maker from admin
- Customer Credit System
- Global Options
- Featured products by store id (and other modules too)
- Multiple Option Types (test, check, radio, file, etc)
- Request Quote/Disable Add to Cart per product basis
- Revisit the template system
- Revisit the excessive use of individual variables instead of a simple array at the tpl level
- Redesign Checkout
-- Single path for checkout. Account create option on success page
-- Shipping estimation from cart
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Post by Qphoria » Thu Apr 22, 2010 12:31 pm

I got Multiple address Guest Checkout working & All totals in the cart sidebox (need to align them but they work).
You can try it out here:


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