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Hi ppl,

So my question is:
How hard would it be to have an OpenStreetMap (OSM) extention done in order to display markers on a map ???

*As for a pratical example I'm thinking of an equivalent to this extention: "Google Contact Maps with own markers"
(Not sure I can put a link to it here, but its in the Extention list for O.C....)

I have always been interested by OSM and I'm a bit surprised why it has not been supported in far.
I don't think it is for any legal reasons let say ...on a commercial website.

I do know that the planet map coverage is not that of GoogleMap but this can easely be overcomed by anyone
since one can complete with online tools any "non existing" mapped area one would be interested in.

So, thanks you for any info that could help have this extention done.... asap ;D

*Coding : Coffee sip converting into virtual code :)

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Tue Apr 15, 2014 10:18 pm
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