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Is this the correct place to put wishes for features in version 4 or should they be put on Github? Here's my wish:

Assign multiple customer groups to one customer (not only one)
Possibility to copy the standard theme with only one click
Possibility to create a new language with only one click
A simple blog
Possibility to remove adress field "Region" for countries that do not use regions
Possibility to make en manual order in admin (Sales - Orders - Manual) without confirmatipon mail beeing sent to customer.
Possibility to change the order of products in module Featured without rearranging the whole list
Plus-minus button on product page buy button to add number of items
Possibility to display deeper subcategory structure in top menue and vertical menue (module)
Possibilty to set coupon discount on gross price (price including tax) and calculate the tax backwards.
Possibly to hide the grey text "price without tax" in all thumbnails.
Possibly to divide tax on frieight in parts equal to the product prices or at least change the tax to the lowest tax in one order (if all products are books (whitch has 6 % vat in Sweden) the tax on the freight should also be calculated as 6 % on this order.
One-page-checkout option
Possibility to add products to bundles and have a correct stock subsctraction of all the products in the bundle

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Post by straightlight » Mon Dec 06, 2021 11:27 pm

Github Repository request.

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Post by JNeuhoff » Tue Dec 07, 2021 6:28 pm

Most of them are, or will be, available from OC marketplace extensions.

Some of it doesn't make sense, such as:
- Possibility to copy the standard theme with only one click
- Assign multiple customer groups to one customer

You probably don't have an understanding of the OpenCart design.

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