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here are some websites which I develop base opencart. - supply opencart extensions,opencart template,etc.
opencart中文站 -



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Being as it's in Chinese, I think, the first one is hard to comment on. It looks good, but since I'm American and speak only english, I can't understand it.

The second one looks really good. I can't read it all, but I can at least understand what it's selling and it looks arranged well!

The third one looks good too, but I most likely wouldn't purchase from that site. NOT your fault, but there's not enough information about who they are for me to be comfortable making a purchase there. The About Us is not filled in and the Terms & Conditions page makes me leary of them. It actually took me a while to see those links at the bottom also, which makes me feel as if they're trying to hide their information.

The fourth one appears set-up nicely as well, but the logo is not coming up for me, though I do see it's just in test phase by the look of the link.

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hi LilShoppe

i just want to ask how did u put Follow Us With
when i put my username bottom optional box . it show expire page?



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