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Our store has been live for almost three months now, in terms of sales we are not doing so bad, however, like everyone we would like to increase our sales.

We are sending out newsletters, interacting within social media (Twitter and Facebook) and have also applied vouchers for free delivery etc, however, what do you think we can do to increase our on-line presence. According to the statistics, we're averaging around 3.5/4k visitors a month.

Here is the link

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munaim1 wrote:...however, like everyone we would like to increase our sales.
then, increase the site accessibility, your designer seems to fully ignore 'some basic laws of design' by squeezing everything imaginable into the thing, thereby requiring a minimum of 1280px Screen width in order to fully 'enjoy' the Main Page. Most Visitors do not use a 1920px HD-TV-type Monitor to look at websites, in contrary, for a smartphone, your site is a rather expensive task to visit and a pain in the neck to handle.

Visitors don't like a 'maze-adventure', when visiting a shop, they want to buy, not to be distracted by useless full-scale visual impressions..., but don't take it personal, it would look good, it's simply a plain overkill.

just my impression, no offense, you asked for comments...


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