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Opencart provides the extension and module mechanism for customization.

However, it does not support the way of hooking some events.

It is mandatory to use vQmod if we want to inject our own custom codes considering opencart core version updates.

vQmod is quite good, but sometimes it could cause conflict when multiple xml files try to access the same line of the same file.

The best way is the opencart core code is being modified by the single xml file, but we have to divide the codes due to the xml code management.

I often issue the command as shown below:

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    $ grep -h "file name" * | sort | uniq -d
I may track of what files are accessed by multiple xml files.

If the vQmod gives an error,

1. check files in the directrory vqmod/logs.

2. check the conflicts by your xml fix.

ps. vQmod is quite good, but I believe that it will help us to find some errors by our own misktakes.

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