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I have a question regarding the stock update between several opencart databases.

Actually I have 3 opencarts, on 3 domain names, with the same catalog (same product sku/Model).
The first one is

We need 3 domain names, 3 different opencarts, because our catalog is to resell to direct customers and resellers at different price points.

I would like to know how to do an update on several opencarts of our stock simultaneously. or Maybe a ``cron job`` every 10minutes.

Example :

an order of product X on website-1, will affect the stock of website-1 but it need to affect also the stock on website-2 and website-3.

The database structure for each opencart is exactly the same.

Is it possible to create a link between each database, maybe like a ``cron job`` every 10 minutes?

Actually the 3 opencarts are on 3 domains but 3 servers (technicaly one server but 3 hosting accounts).
Maybe it s better to have the 3 opencarts on 3 domains but only 1 server. Like that the links between the databases will be more simple?

Can you please let me know if someone arleady did this.

tks in advance




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