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So what if you show a huge list of modules in the shipping and payment areas? It's not like you look at that page every day. You only have to do it once when you setup the store, or if you are changing shippers/payment processors, and wouldn't it be nice when you do if it's just there?

Just to prove I'm not a bloat hound an RMA system like someone else mentioned is not high on the priority list for me and would be just fine if it was a contribution. Really it's just the basics that I would like to be in there payment and shipping modules are the big one, and I don't mind looking at a long list once per cart install.

The only other thing that I would really like to see is a more streamlined checkout. I know there are some people working on contributions for that as well, but the checkout is something so tied into the core I really would like to see it addressed in the main release at some point.

I would also agree that a google base export would be nice, however if it were a separate contribution that people could then use as a basis to build more exports that would be fine.

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Post by Franz-Peter » Wed Oct 28, 2009 2:03 am

What shipping modules do You need. Qphoria offers some of them like UPS(XML and CGI), USPS, FEDEX. There is a contribution for COD with fee, there are table rates too.
Qphoria offers some payment modules and if You need something special, You can ask him for a quote. Or You may ask Your payment provider to offer such a module for free. Those payment providers do not provide any service for nothing, they earn with every order automatically and without any work. Those credit card providers take the fees even from the shipping method, because they take the order total amount and from that, they get there fees and if a chargeback occurs, they charge You with additional fees.
So if they want to get there fees it is there task to offer payment modules.

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