Post by JCO » Sat Nov 19, 2011 10:52 pm

IDEA to consider for NEXT RELEASE ... this I believe will be BENEFICIAL to ALL (Daniel, Q & Developers). It goes like this ...
  • 1) Daniel releases next code with New Functionality (Can even call Beta if want)
    2) Then 4 weeks of bug fixes only to SVN
    3) Then Daniel continues creation at will introducing New Functionality to SVN
  • - As bugs are fixed, developers can refresh their store code with latest SVN ... not having to worry about untested new functionality being in there ... code will just be continually getting stronger for 4 weeks
    - Knowing this, I am sure developers will test hard during 4 weeks to take advantage of this opportunity to strengthen code
    - This will be easier for developers of all skill level to get latest fixes (instead of extracting from SVN)
    - Developers that don't have skill level to use SVN can just wait for end of 4 weeks
    - Daniel won't have to keep hearing from people about the problem of getting latest fixes (will be a break for him ... everyone will just be working in cooperation)
    - I believe everyone will welcome this, and it will bring relief to all
    - If it is called Beta to start, then only the matured 4 week version release will have to be supported
This might not be the final solution, but it will go a long way!

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Post by JNeuhoff » Mon Nov 21, 2011 10:23 pm

Using SVN branches will accomplish the same thing, without the 4 weeks restriction. Some bugs don't show up till many months after the release.

We have had many discussions on this subject on the forum, I am tempted to do my own bugfix release when I have some time. Daniel and Q are just using a single SVN branch which takes both bugfixes, but also new features which can potentially introduce new bugs.

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Post by Qphoria » Mon Nov 21, 2011 11:30 pm

This was discussed here: ... 41#p213388

To do it right, we need to change our methodology from our current way.
I would like to do that after the release of 1.5.2 and have discussed this with daniel. He agrees.
The way I described is the only way to do it right and it requires some change in discipline.

This Q & A sums up the 2 methods: ... -the-trunk

We currently use the "unstable trunk" method. We need to switch to the "stable trunk" method to make SVN have the latest stable code. More details on the process: ... -practice/

Then the latest svn can always have the latest working fixes, and I am looking into an "SVN-to-PHP" script that will be able to pull directly from SVN right to your cart with a simple click of a button the admin area. Then upgrades will be a breeze and bug fixes can be acquired instantly, and we can stop having dozens of repeat bug reports.

Then we can use branches/tags for full releases of new features, and the latest trunk will have the latest bug fixes for the most recent version.

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Post by i2Paq » Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:25 am

This is a major breakthrough in the way OpenCart handles its bug-fixes.

This looks much more professional to the outside world and people looking at OpenCart as their piece of software they want to use to run their web-based business on.
The common store-owners who based their shop on OpenCart will be sure they can use the SVN to get the bug-fixes for their version.

First adapters of a new release will also know that bugs found can be easily addressed and this will speed up the use of any new release and thus the finding of new or any bugs.

All in all a win win situation and hopefully it will punt an end (finally) to this needless discussion.

Chapeau for Daniel and Qphoria!

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