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Like I said, I am very new and might not have any idea about what I am talking about...
We were all new to this at some point in our lives. My suggestion to you is that Google and Stack Exchange will be your ally when searching for the answers that you seek. It is a very rare occurrence that I am not able to solve my problem with these two resources, when I encounter a question that I cannot answer. That and a couple good PHP books and a working knowledge of MVC framework. Best wishes. Cheers.

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Thank Lewis, but I'm all good here. I am not attempting to do what the original poster is, I just thought the method I described might also work for what the original poster is attempting.



Fri Nov 30, 2012 11:30 am

Post by amobilept » Sun Jun 01, 2014 6:53 am

I wonder if anyone can help me with an sql query that can acomplish the following.

product cost * profit margin = wholesale customer group special price

The resulting amounts do not have to be pretty as these would be just for the wholesale customer group.

From my research so far, I know that to change the main customer price with a percentage I input the following:
UPDATE product SET price = ROUND(price * 1.05, 2)

I do not know too much about mysql but i guess what I wanted was a sql query something more like:
UPDATE product SET special (for specific customer group) = ROUND(cost * 1.5, 2)

Is this even possible to do? Can anyone provide me with some feedback on what the correct query should be? I didn´t want to mess too much with the database since the website is live.

By the way I am still on

Thanks in advance.



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