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Emperor was on TV giving a pep talk to the people.
I have never heard the emperor speak before. Weird ... The timing seems very strange. Why now?

people in the area:
Many are really in need of basic simplicities. And radiation proof suits :o I don't trust the company that runs those power plants. Even the Prime Minister finally got peeved about how he seems to be the last to know.

news coverage:
Has slowly started to catch up with the west on the seriousness of the damage and possible catastrophe. I keep thinking about why Japan has down played this a lot and I mean a lot. A major reason I could think of is what do you do with the population of Tokyo! Imagine if the news came out straight and said that you are in the path of prevailing winds and you will more than likely be affected by radiation fall out. OMG, thousands would die in a rush to leave the city.

Since I live up wind (winter time winds blow North to South from Siberia) many people on the island here seem not to understand that another "black rain" could fall. They also don't seem to understand that this is not a normal fire. Man I have to admit the Japanese have really learned to live with how their island will dish it out to them whenever it wants and they will just move on like they have for the past 3,000 years. Kudos to them!

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Who do we know of lives in that area?



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